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How IntelliTracks Pays for itself

Improved Utilization

Example: If a fleet of 300 cars loading every 30 days averages .5 more trips per year, or a 4% increase in utilization, at an average profit of $250/trip, your company can realize an additional profit of $37500.00 per year.

Increased Productivity

Saving 2 man-hours per day over the course of a year can increase an employee’s productivity by as much as 25%.

Fleet Sizing

The data that Intellitracks generates will allow you to better determine the best fleet size for your varying commodities. Ultimately, better management of your fleet will allow you to do more with less, which will reduce your tank car leasing costs.

Reduced Excess Empty Miles

The fleet tracing reports are key to reducing your excess empty miles. The better managed the cars are on a day-to-day basis means problem cars are caught and fixed sooner. Additionally, the historical data that Intellitracks maintains provides a tool for validating the Railroad data and refuting the excess miles when they are incorrect.


The demurrage report provides the information needed to bill your customer’s demurrage. Even if you choose not to send a bill, you now have information that can be used to calculate the costs of doing business with that customer. This information can also be used as leverage in future negotiations.

ETAs & Trip Times

IntelliTracks ETAs and Trip Times allow you to better manage your supply chain. Shippers can more accurately forecast arrival times and better coordinate loading and unloading schedules with customers and suppliers. This can help reduce costly demurrage expenses and decrease turnaround times. This data can also be used to analyze rail carrier performance.

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