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About IntelliTracks

IntelliTracks - Your Solution for Railcar Management

IntelliTracks is an Internet-based railcar management platform designed for shippers, shortline railroads, car management companies and leasing companies. This platform allows for the collection, analysis and distribution of the valuable business intelligence available from rail Car Location Message data.

IntelliTracks for Shippers

IntelliTracks offers shippers an inexpensive way to track their rail fleets with tracing reports, car history reports, exception reports, demurrage reports and more. Intellitracks also allows subscribers to track lease holders, lease rates and lease expiration dates. Subscribers can communicate this information with internal and external customers via the web or e-mail. The IntelliTracks system also offers ETAs based on a shippers historical performance. Shippers can customize IntelliTracks functionality and appearance to fit their specific business needs. Companies now have the ability to have a custom management application at the fingertips of all their employees for a low monthly fee!

IntelliTracks for Shortlines

IntelliTracks can help keep shortlines "in the loop" between their customers and the Class 1 railroads. With automated empty release, bill of lading and car ordering, Intellitracks makes sure the shortline doesn't have to rely on the Class 1 to get valuable information back to the railroad. The system also helps gauge the flow of traffic into and out of rail yards.

IntelliTracks for Fleet Management Companies and Leasing Companies

With the IntelliTracks system fleet management and leasing companies have a powerful tool to facilitate interaction with their customers and increase the efficiency of their own internal processes. The system can automate data retrieval, collation and distribution. Companies can also customize the systems functionality and appearance to fit their specific business needs.

The IntelliTracks Demo

The IntelliTracks demo allows potential subscribers to view some of the core features of the IntelliTracks system. However, many of our subscribers have customized functionality that allows IntelliTracks to fit their particular way of doing business.

Subscribers retain all rights to the CLM data used for Intellitracks and can access the raw data at any time. Intellitracks does not resell CLM data to its subscribers.

Why Use A Web-Based Application?

IntelliTracks takes advantage of all of the benefits of Internet based applications such as:

  • Accessibility-Internet based applications can be accessed from any computer with web access.
  • Ease of Maintenance-The user is not responsible for the maintenance of the application or the data.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership-Your Company is sharing the cost of application development and enhancements with all of our other Subscribers.

Developing Intellitracks in this way allows us to deliver a powerful user specific solution to a wide range of users for a low monthly fee.

  • Fleet Tracing Reports- Track the movement of your fleet over time with multiple day fleet tracing reports.
  • Car History Reports- See an unlimited history of your cars.
  • Customer Reports- Allow your customers to see the data you need them to see via e-mail or online username and password.
  • Exception Reports- Identify potential problems before they happen.
  • Lease Expiration Reports- Track your lease expirations.
  • Demurrage Reports- See how long your cars are waiting to load or unload at any specific location.
  • Testing Date Reports

Future Enhancements To Intellitracks

In the coming weeks stand by as Intellitracks adds a list of new features including:

  • Car and Fleet Utilization Statistics-Track the efficiency of your rail fleet
  • Lease expiration notification- Allow Intellitracks to notify you of pending lease expirations
  • Car Groupings- Group your cars to allow dynamic reporting options and easier car management for our larger fleet owners.
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